By appointing K-Architects you can expect a high level of design and service. To assist with the preparation of each project, the practice adheres to RIBA standards that are as follows:


• Appropriate professional indemnity insurance

• Quality management systems

• Principal Designer - Health and Safety policies

• Employment policy addressing the principles of the RIBA

• Policy statement on employment

• Continuing professional development



The RIBA has described the Architect's role in the preparation, design, construction and completion of a building project through a Schedule of Design Services divided into Work Stages. K-Architects are currently operating in coordination with the new RIBA Plan of Work 2013.





K-Architects use these stages as the rules of engagement on building projects against which the particular service required can be negotiated with the client on a stage-by-stage basis.


The service and the associated fee are usually expressed as a lump sum for certainty, whilst agreed at an early stage it is also open to negotiation as the project progresses, flexible enough to be tuned in order to ensure a successful outcome to the project. We will always advise on the best way to separate, sift and select our level of involvement.



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